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We support innovation, whatever its source: from large corporations, research institutes and public bodies through to start-ups and individual entrepreneurs.

Our incubator programme, Accelerator, gives structure and assistance to start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through initiatives like our 24-hour hackathon Climathon, or our cleantech ideas platform Climate Launchpad, we encourage fresh new thinking from beyond the mainstream to build a movement of climate action.

Explore our ideas competitions Climate Launchpad and Climathon, and business incubation programme ClimAccelerator below.


Successful innovation starts with a good idea

Climathon Zürich 2017

Our ideation and open innovation programmes help create the conditions to fuel inspiration, garner fresh thinking, raise visibility for or promote engagement with a climate challenge. We help innovation teams identify and define ideas, offer support in putting together a network of partners, and provide seed funding to get things moving.

  • ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business idea competition. Its mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. Each year the competition creates a stage for over 1,000 ideas to flourish, with partners in 35+ countries offering training, coaching, and financial support.
  • Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon that takes place simultaneously in major cities around the world every year. It attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, students and professionals to come together to create innovative solutions to climate challenges.


EIT Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator

Start-ups for a 1.5° world


ClimAccelerator is a global programme giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyse, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. In a global community of organisers, we run both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs. It goes beyond European borders, building a bridge between our world’s industry experts and systems to break new ground in carbon reduction.

With the European Green Deal and Paris Agreement as north stars, breakthrough businesses with proven climate impact technologies and partners need one powerful platform where they can connect and scale towards true industry transformation.

It’s time to unleash the innovation potential of start-ups to shape a climate-positive new normal. 

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