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Circular Construction-Ecosystem in Germany

The Problem

The construction industry generates approximately half of the material waste in Germany (1) and is amongst the largest CO2 emitters overall (2). The German government recently declared the goal of making its built environment almost entirely carbon neutral by 2050 (3). However, this goal seems out of reach.

Circular Construction? A Neccessity! 

The construction sector generally follows a highly linear approach along the build, use, waste logic, and is barely prepared for material re-use and recycling. EIT Climate-KIC believes that only systemic change such as the move to a circular economy will make the necessary transformation of the built environment possible.

How EIT Climate-KIC is supporting the transition in Germany

We´ve been supporting  the circular construction ecosystem in Berlin since 2019.

In 2019

(Qualitative) Research and Stakeholder Map

You can download the full report “Berlin´s Circular Construction Ecosystem” here.  In addition, Circular Berlin visualized stakeholders and their projects in a public miro board.

Communications and Community Building

  • CRCLR organised the workshop series “Circular Futures” – in November, Circular Futures #4 focused on circular construction and connected experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with interested organisations and individuals in Berlin. 

  • In December, Circularity and EIT Climate-KIC hosted an interactive “Circular Construction Roundtable” with 25 participants from different backgrounds to co-create ideas and prototype solutions with the aim to initiate concrete demonstration projects in the construction industry.

In 2020 – More activities for a transformation of the construction industry!

EIT Climate-KIC continues its collaboration with the organisations mentionend above and is growing its ecosystem. We will run a series of meet-ups for the Circular Construction-Ecosystem in 2020.


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